💻 Emulator

💻 Emulator #

📥 Installation #

  1. Download emulator binary and put it into $PATH.
  2. Install firefly-cli: cargo install firefly-cli
  3. Install a game: firefly_cli import lux.snek
  4. Run firefly_emulator.

🕹 Input #

The emulator supports the following input methods, from best to worst.

  1. (⌛ Coming soon) Firefly Zero device
  2. Steam controller
  3. Gamepad
  4. (⌛ Coming soon) UI buttons
  5. Keyboard

📱 Firefly Zero device #

(⌛ Coming soon)

💨 Steam controller #

It is discontinued but you may find a used one. It has a touchpad just like Firefly Zero, and that makes it a better fit, compared to Xbox controllers, for apps requiring a precise input.

The controls are the same as for any other gamepad. See the next section.

🎮 Gamepad #

  • The buttons (A, B, X, and Y) are the same and work the same as on the actual device.
  • The start button on the controller does the same as menu on the device.
  • The touch pad is emulated by the left stick. The input from the stick is read only if you press the LB (left shoulder button). This is because unlike touch pad, the stick is always active, even in the resting state.

🖱 UI buttons #

(⌛ Coming soon)

⌨️ Keyboard #

Keyboard is quite far from how inputs work on the device. It doesn’t have a touchpad. The controls are the following:

  1. Esc: close the emulator
  2. Z, Enter, or Space: A
  3. X, B, or Backspace: B
  4. A: X
  5. S or Y: Y
  6. Tab: menu
  7. or 4: touchpad left
  8. or 6: touchpad right
  9. or 8: touchpad up
  10. or 2: touchpad down
  11. 5: touchpad middle