🎮 Input

🎮 Input #

Buttons #

The read_buttons function returns which buttons are currently pressed. The SDKs also provide convenience methods to compare two states to get which buttons were just pressed or just released.

The function requires a Peer argument. It defines which input should be read in multiplayer and is covered in more details on the Multiplayer page. For a simple single-player game, you can ask it for a combined input from all devices (which is in a single-player game just the input from a single device):

use firefly_rust::*;
let buttons = read_buttons(Peer::COMBINED);
buttons := firefly.ReadButtons(firefly.Combined)

Touch pad #

The read_pad function returns the coordinates of the finger on the touch pad if user currently presses it. The coordinates are expressed as a pair of X and Y values in the range from -1000 to 1000 (both ends included). SDKs also provide a way to convert it into polar coordinates using radius and azimuth methods.

use firefly_rust::*;
let pad = read_pad(Peer::COMBINED);
if let Some(pad) = pad {
pad, pressed := firefly.ReadPad(firefly.Combined)
if pressed {
    // ...

When using the emulator with a gamepad, you have to press the stick down (or press LB) for the input to be recognized. This is because we need a way to distinguish between not touching the touch pad and touching it in the middle.

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